Terms and Condition of Service

We (www.bantubantu.co.id) encourages you to read our Terms and Conditions before booking slot in our Web store. We may change our Terms and Conditions from time to time. If you do not agree to our Terms and Conditions, we suggest you to stop using the Web store.


To keep your details for your next order(s) or booking, you need to sign up. You have to provide detailed information regarding your shipping address, mobile phone, etc. You are required to give current, accurate and true information to us. We will keep your information privately.


If you have forgotten your password, please follow the "Forgot my password?" instructions on the LOGIN page.


You can book a slot in “Book Now” page based on your preferred time and date. We will give confirmation immediately on slot availability. Once confirmed, you shall pay for Down Payment as much as Rp 100,000 (one hundred thousands rupiah) per booking. If the slot is not available, our Customer Service will contact you to give alternative available slot.
We only further process your booking after receiving Down Payment.
Down Payment can not be refunded.


Prices shown on our web store are in Indonesian Rupiahs (IDR). Prices may change without any notification. To be noted that price is an Estimated Price as it is derived from your self-assessment. Price can be changed based on actual measurement and/or should there be any modification from the original booking.


We reserve the right not to process your booking if we are unable to validate your payment due to reasons such as different account holder's name or incomplete payment. We also reserve the right not to process your booking if we have not given confirmation on the slot availability. We will refund your payment completely.


Payment is made via designated bank transfer after the work is completely delivered and you receive invoice for remaning amount. You shall send the transfer receipt to us upon making final payment.


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You agree that you will be responsible for your activity in this web store. If we notice that you were related in prohibited activities or violations of our Terms and Conditions, we may deny you access to this web store on temporary or permanent basis. If you violate Terms and Conditions and we take no action against you, we will still be entitled to use our rights in any other situation where you violate the Terms and Conditions. We are not responsible for losses not caused by our faults or indirect losses caused by shipping company or force majeure. We will be responsible for your losses only if we violate our Terms and Conditions.


You agree to compensate BANTUBANTU fully, defend and hold us harmless immediately on demand, its directors and officers, from and against all liabilities, claims, expenses, damages and losses, including legal fees, arising from any violation of the Terms and Conditions by you including the use by any other persons accessing this Site using your internet account caused by your action or inaction.